Hamilton County School Board Members approve meal charge policy change


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – Hamilton County School Board Members addressed meal charges for high school students Thursday night.

At their meeting they approved a policy change that will allow those students to charge one meal, per meal service per school day up to 40 dollars.

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School Board Member Rhonda Thurman said several years ago the board stopped allowing high school students to charge after the school system could not collect thousands of dollars.

The change will help feed those students who may not be able to qualify for free or reduced lunches, but for whatever reason don’t have the ability to pay at the moment.

“A lot of these students show up at school and a lot of their parents never even ask them. Never even think about lunch money. It’s sad, but it’s true. And this will help those students too,” School Board Member Rhonda Thurman said.

“I think for the system it will help not only try to control the charges because there will be a cap or a limit on those charges, but then it’s also going to help the system identify you know where there’s some real need,” School Board Member Joe Wingate said.

Wingate said parents or guardians will be told if a student owes money.

Thurman said she hopes that if debt grows, their business partners might step up and help out.

She said if not, there is money in the fund balance.