Georgia and Notre Dame Bracing For Crazy Atmosphere in Athens


The top ten showdown between 3rd ranked Georgia and 7th Notre Dame will be one of the biggest games ever in Athens. The University is even bringing in an additional 500 seats.
Imagine how nuts the crowd will be for Notre Dame’s first ever trip between the hedges.

Said Georgia head coach Kirby Smart:”I know a lot of Georgia fans have had this one marked on their schedule for a long time.”
Reporter:”This is supposed to be one of the most attended games in program history. How you expect that to impact your player’s performance and just the overall atmosphere of the game?”
Said Smart:”We don’t really get into the exterior forces. I mean what’s going on outside. I mean you can think it’s going to affect our guys, but it’s really not supposed to.”
Said Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly:”Then know that we have to prepare for the kind of environment they are going to go into. We’ll address it today. We’ll work on it during the week. We’ve got an indoor facility that will be. You guys will be in there. We can make that as loud as we want it to.”

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Said Georgia safety J.R. Reed:”I just always preach to myself that I’m built for this. It’s something you’ve dreamed about as a kid. You’re built for this. You’re ready for this. So don’t worry about all the hype, and don’t worry about the outside noise.”
Said Georgia tight end Eli Wolf:”And coach made it very clear that there’s going to be a lot of hype around this game, but don’t get caught up in it. We are here to do one thing.”
Said Reed:”The vibe around campus is that it’s test week. That’s the vibe I’ve been getting. Everyone has been telling me they’re worried about the tests than the game. But I think everyone is going to show up, and they are going to show out. I expect the fans to be out there big for us.”
Said Smart:”After all that, ti’s going to boil down to football. And that’s what it always boils down to. Who can block and tackle. We are going to go out there today and practice blockin’ and tacklin’.”