Water problems create business problems in Chattanooga


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Some say the superstitions of Friday the 13th are to blame for the water line break that stopped much of downtown Chattanooga this weekend.

Spooky or not the impact of the water main break took a toll on local businesses and attractions in the downtown sector.

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News 12 Now Taylor Bishop has our story.

“We manage the Renaissance Inn across the street and when we realized that they were having issues as well, so okay this has to be a bit bigger and then we saw the update about the water main breaking. We just knew that Friday was going to be an interesting day”

Parts of downtown Chattanooga looked like a ghost town over the weekend as some restaurants, businesses, and hotels closed early or shut their doors due to the water main break.

“We lost at least thirty reservations that were already on the books. We notified the guests and reached out to everyone we expected to arrive to let them know what was happening. Waived all cancellation penalties.”

Daniel Mote is the general manager with Courtyard Marriott on Chestnut Street. He says the hotel lost over ten thousands dollars because of the break.

“We lost at least ten thousand dollars for the day. On a Friday the way we started the day it would have been very close to a sold out night”

The Chattanooga-Hamilton county health department closed parts of the Marriott’s eateries due to low water pressure.

“The Health Department called us on Friday morning and asked us to close our bistro mid service. So we just told our guests I’m so sorry but the Health department has shut us down”

But luck was on it’s side for some restaurants like Cupcake Kitchen who were able to stay open despite neighboring business having to shut down.

“So my employees got to stay busy, it wasn’t like a drastic flow of people it was just a very good steady day. We didn’t have any crazy crowds, maintained normalness”

Cupcake Kitchen staff says the break actually helped bring in new customers.