Collegedale Commissioners discuss welfare of the city, take no official action


COLLEGEDALE, Tenn. (WDEF) – Collegedale Commissioners heard public comments and discussed the welfare of the city during their agenda meeting Monday night.

“I am concerned when my staff think that they’ve found a bug in our office, because of other microphones have been installed in city hall,” resident Tonya Sadler said.
“We should be asking questions about what’s going on after three TBI agents spent nearly 6 hours in this building with a search warrant on August 28th.”

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The TBI has been investigating an allegation of a quota system used by the police department.

While the investigation has been ongoing, multiple officers have either resigned or have been fired.

“My comments in the media recently have not been about the TBI investigation. It’s about the termination of three officers. Their lawyers have said that they were terminated for retaliation, because of the TBI investigation, but I myself am not quoted in saying that in the recent days that this is what the meeting is about,” Commissioner Ethan White said

Commissioner White was one of the commissioners that called for the meeting to talk about the current and future state of the police department and administration.

Mayor Katie Lamb said in addition to the TBI investigation, a separate evaluation on the city is being made.

She said the commissioners will get those reports.

“It would help us to understand what is going on. What we need to do as a commission collectively to make things better for our employees and for our citizens,” Commissioner Debbie Baker said.

Support was shown for both the police chief and city manager before commissioners went into executive session.

Commissioner White made the following statement after executive session:

The sole purpose of tonight’s meeting was to discuss the current state and welfare of our city and how to move forward.  There were two clear issues that were addressed, one being the TBI investigation into the alleged Quota system, the other was the recent termination of three officers and the abrupt resignation of the Asst Chief of Police. What we needed in order to resolve those issues, was honest and truthful representation of information with the same amount of clarity that these issues were presented. I share the commitment to these necessary truths and facts expressed by fellow commissioners and citizens of Collegedale. Tonight, we did not get any of that, thus the issues remain.  I anxiously await the findings of the TBI and reserve any judgement until that is concluded.  I believe I speak for all of Collegedale when I say that I hope no wrong doing is found and that the public’s trust in all areas of its leadership are fully restored. However, I believe that I also speak for the people of Collegedale when I say that if any wrong doing is found, we expect those involved to be held responsible for their actions.  Lastly, I am confident that we all will continue to stand by the officers who are diligently protecting the residents of Collegedale and encourage the public to continue to keep them in our prayers.