Lookout Mountain also in water predicament


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – While the possibility  of losing water service is a major concern for residents, it’s a major challenge for municipal leaders like those on Lookout Mountain.

With TENN AM working to repair the broken water main on its property, there’s no guarantee that communities like Lookout Mountain Tennessee will not be cut off at some point.

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The village is now using water from 2 large storage tanks, but there’s a limit to how much will be available.

When they are half empty, they automatically shut down.

Mayor Walker Jones explains.

“Our tank is at the highest peak and we get our pressure, so we do have water pressure so I guess the buff concern would be obviously a fire. And having a hydrant, not having enough pressure to get the job done and put a fire out if we had an issue. But so far we are, so far so good.”

Residents of Lookout Mountain are being asked to conserve water until further notice, according to the mayor.