Hamilton County Schools Close Early Due To Water Main Break


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-  All Hamilton County schools closed early due to the water main break.

Some parents are wondering why school wasn’t closed before students left this morning.

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Students were dismissed early from school county wide.

Hamilton County School officials say that when they were first notified about the Water main break, it was not going to affect the whole county.

Tim Hensley from Hamilton County Schools says, “When we first started the school day, it was just downtown and schools in proximity to downtown would be impacted and those were closed fairly early. As the community saw that this was going to grow and expand quickly then um we had to look at the decision of making more school closures. But as of this morning, the information wasn’t there that we needed to close all schools today.”

Hamilton county schools followed their early release schedule that was in place the Wednesday after Labor Day.

Tyner Academy was among the last of the students to be released today.

Principal Gerald Harris says that the dismissal process was fairly easy, “We do a really good job of uh getting kids out. Of course, with this day and technology, students and parents are calling trying to get out early. So, we do a really good job of that. The biggest thing with us is safety more than anything else. Making sure that our kids or safe with them being released early.”

Some Hamilton County football games have been closed due to the water main break as well.