Mocs Prepare For Trip to Rocky Top


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Chattanooga Mocs lost an emotional rivalry game to Jacksonville State over the weekend. Now they hop back on that emotional football roller coaster this Saturday, as they ride up I-75 to face Tennessee.
And leading the Mocs emotional charge will be their head coach.

Mocs coach Rusty Wright doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve.
You can find them on his discarded head set.
Said Wright:”I’ve got to calm myself down a little bit and handle some things a little better.”
Reporter:”Do you almost feel more emotional or jacked up as the head coach maybe as opposed to your players?”
Said Wright:”It’s a little different. There’s no question because you are involved in it all now.”
Said offensive lineman McClendon Curtis:”Coach Wright is really. I think he’s really emotional, but actually I love it because you know that he cares and wants us to do really well and succeed.”
Imagine the emotion’s Saturday on old Rocky Top.
Reporter:”Will you play Rocky Top in practice?”
Said Wright:”We play every fight song every week. I’ve got every version of Rocky Top being played you can imagine. Banjos. Guitars. The band. All of it.”
This will be the 41st meeting between the Mocs and Vols, but only the second
since 1969.
Reporter:”Does it have any kind of rivalry feel to it at all?”
Said Wright:”I’m sure the kids probably feel that way because like you said, they know somebody on the team and all that, but you don’t play them enough to get it that way.”
Said linebacker Ty Boeck:”You know it’s big. Neyland Stadium is a huge part of the culture around here. Almost everybody that lives around here is a Tennessee fan.”
Said Curtis:”As a kid I played at Finley (Stadium). I thought that was by far the biggest stadium around until you get deeper into sports. It’s a great opportunity. It’s going to be good.”