Habitat for Humanity building a blitz home in just over a week


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Borngne family of Chattanooga will soon have a brand new home..thanks to volunteers and Habitat for Humanity.

This is Habitat’s Blitz week.

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Work continued this morning for the house at 404 west 35th street.

Pratt Home Builders is partnering with Habitat to provide the leadership and expertise needed for that project.

The interior and exterior of the home will be completed quickly.

Nerren Pratt told us “As a contractor, we have donated our time, and I’ve been able to get all of our vendors and our trade people to donate their time and materials as well to help us build this Blitz Home.”

“This home that we’re building between the – will take us about a week to two and half weeks from start to finish.”

Nationwide…local builders like Pratt and suppliers are working with Habitat to build hundreds of homes for low income families during Blitz Week.