Golden Apple: Cecily Honeycutt


SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. (WDEF) – History is not a subject that excites many kids.

But a teacher at South Pittsburg High School makes that subject come alive.

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Cecily Honeycutt makes sure students know that history is more than just memorizing dates and facts about people.

Braylin Johnson is a Junior at the school.

He says Ms. Honeycutt is a good teacher.

“She explains things extremely well. She’s a little bit more understanding than most. She’s like, if you got a problem, she’ll explain it.”

Tim Bible is the Principal at South Pittsburg High School.

He says Honeycutt has made a difference on campus.

“Ms. Honeycutt is a great teacher; young teacher. She has, I’ve asked her when I took over to, to take a bigger leadership role in our school. And she has done that.”

Honeycutt thought about being a lawyer, but quickly realized her passion was in the classroom.

That passion is now focused on her students.

“I want them to be as successful as they possibly can be, no matter if that’s in my classroom, outside my classroom. I want them to go for it whatever it may be.”