Vols Suffering Through a Rare 0-2 Start


What does the Vols losing streak and the September heat have in common?
They both have everyone asking, when will it end?
Tennessee is 0-2 for the first time since 1988.

After another miserable loss to BYU, Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt has to try and find something positive.
Said Pruitt:”I like this team. I don’t believe the leadership in our program is going to waiver one bit. Obviously the first two games ain’t went the way anybody around here wants it to go. Right? But those games are over with. The real character. Who you are. Kind of shows up in these times.”
Pruitt would prefer some real football to show.
Said Pruitt:”Still are not forcing any turnovers. That’s one of the big things. In the last two weeks, we have forced one turnover. We had one O-Lineman we felt graded out a winner. We have a long ways to go to get to where we need to be.”
Reporter:”What’s holding Jarrett back from being the quarterback you want to see on game day?”
Said Pruitt:”Well I don’t think anything is holding Jarrett back. Jarrett will tell you just like I will tell you, we all, myself included, everybody has got to raise their standard and expectations in this program okay? And be a little more consistent. That’s everybody.”
Critical mistakes in critical situations continue to haunt Tennessee. Like giving up a 64-yard pass to BYU in the final seconds that led to the game tying field goal.
Said Pruitt:”The kids that made mistakes on Saturday. Okay. Which was everybody on our team, right? We all do. Coaches too, right? Nobody woke up and said hey, I’m going to make sure I mess this up. Everybody has the right intentions, right? But you’ve got to create the right habits. We’ve got to figure out why the inconsistency. That’s why we’re 0-2 instead of 2-0 because we have these issues.”

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The Vols entertain the Chattanooga Mocs at noon on Saturday.