A taste of Latin America in Dalton


DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) – The sixth annual Latino Taste Festival brings authentic Latin food, music and dances from different regions of Mexico and other countries to the heart of Dalton, Georgia.

“Dalton has such a big Latin community, and it’s important to like hone in on that and the community and to realize that we are here you know,” said Gecia Hererra, a volunteer at the festival.

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Countries like Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and others had booths to celebrate their unique foods and cultures.

“There are so many I can’t even count. I feel like just talking to people you know just getting to know like hey where did you come from or where is your family from. Just experiencing who people are and the culture.”

While enjoying traditional Latino cuisine guest could enjoy music and dances from different groups of Latin American countries.

“Everyone has bad people in their communities and there are a bunch of good people and this will show you that their is good people everywhere you go,” said Hererra.

Organizers say Dalton is a diverse city, where a vibrant Latino population makes this city what it is today.