Bryan College announces major tuition cut to become more affordable


DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Student debt and new options for college education are continuing national issues these days.

On Wednesday, a local college made a dramatic announcement to address both issues.

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Bryan College in Dayton will slash their tuition by 40% next year.

That’s an $11,000 savings for students at the private, Christian school.

They say the new $16,900 tuition (add $7,800 for room and board) will make Bryan the lowest tuition for a private education in our region.

And administrators are promising no programs are being cut or professors laid off.

How can they afford it?

“We believe that this action has the potential of more than doubling our student enrollment” says President Dr. Stephen Livesay.

Financial Aid Director David Haggard adds “By lowering our tuition, more students will continue their studies and ultimately, become servants of Christ to make a difference in today’s world.”

The new tuition applies to both new and returning students.

And Bryan will continue offering academic, athletic and performance-based scholarships.

Dr. Livesay says “We know that today’s students and their families are not only seeking the best educational opportunities,
but also the most cost-efficient options as they consider their choices.”