Vols Jeremy Pruitt Tries to Explain Georgia State Loss in Monday Press Conference


Georgia State didn’t start playing football until 2010.
They were 2-10 in the Sun Belt Conference last year.
And yet they somehow beat Tennessee on Saturday, leaving plenty of questions for Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt during his weekly press conference on Monday.

Reporter:”As far as like to the fans, who might be disappointed after week one, what would be your message to them about how you are going to approach the rest of the season?”
Pruitt:”Well I hope they are disappointed because I know everybody in this building is disappointed. There’s no secret to why we lost this game. Okay. I said it after the game. They done a better job of coaching than we did. They executed better than we did.”
Reporter:”Coach defensively you said after the game you had alignment issues. It also looked like you guys might have had some communication issues getting calls in.”
Pruitt:”We have lots of inexperience on that side of the ball. In the last couple of weeks we’ve lost some key players at all three levels.”
Reporter:”When you looked in the mirror, where did you feel like you could improve?”
Pruitt:”Just like I told the players. Everybody in the room has Tennessee on their chest, so what can we all do to improve to be at our best. You know it all starts with me.”
Reporter:”Do you have any concern about where the team’s confidence might be, and they’re ability to responded to adversity?”
Pruitt:”First of all I believe in the guys in our locker room. I’ve said this all along. I really like this team. Just because I like them don’t mean that we’re where we need to be, but I like their work ethic.”
Reporter:”What’s the adversity you kind of draw upon. You’re facing adversity now when the losses are a little more regular. How do you kind of teach these players to win when they haven’t done it very often in the last few years.”
Pruitt:”There’s since I’ve been here. There’s been a few games we’ve played pretty good. The reason we played pretty good is it’s because we focused on the details. We executed. We didn’t beat ourselves. And maybe we continue to do that until the other team makes mistakes. That’s what you have to do.”