Parkridge East adds NICView for relatives to bond with babies


EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Tennessee Valley hospital recently got cameras in the NICU so parents can check on their babies at all times.

Nicole and Dakota Smith visit their twins in the NICU at Parkridge East. Lucas and Liam are 11 days old and were born at 34 weeks.

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When they can’t visit their babies, they watch them through the hospitals new livestream system called NICView.

“It became effective like the day after my babies came into the NICU. So we have been able to watch them and see them at all times. It has been absolutely amazing for them to have them,” Nicole Smith said.

It is also convenient for family members.

“My mom, she broke her foot, like a week before she had the babies and she is not able to just get up here. So she can sign on and see them. It has been really helpful for her,” Nicole Smith said.

There are 22 NICView cameras set up at the hospital.

“Parents can log in at anytime to see their baby 24 hours a day seven days a week. They can give the password and username to whoever they want. So friends, family all across the world all across the united states. They can log in and see their baby,” said Christina Chadwick, the NICU director at Parkridge East.

Chadwick says bonding with a newborn is critical, so this helps.

“As a grandparent myself, I think if my grand-baby was halfway across the country and I could log in and see them and watch them grow. If you have a grandparent that is homebound and can’t get out, just giving them that piece of mind that they can watch their grand-baby,” Chadwick said.

Dakota says this is particularly useful for him.

“It’s been great, you know. Knowing that my wife has been up here all week with them and I had to be at work it was like I was still there with them watching them,” Dakota Smith said.

If a parent doesn’t want the livestream, hospital staff will turn it off.