19 Year Old Mother Dies From Multiple Gunshots at Rainbow Creek Apartments on Standifer Gap Rd.


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — We have seen plenty of weekend shootings this summer, but not as bad as this past weekend.

From midnight on Saturday until the early morning hours on Monday, Chattanooga Police were called to five separate shootings.

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The worst was a young woman who was killed just after midnight at the Rainbow Creek Apartments on Standifer Gap Road.

Neighbors tell me the victim was a young mother who was pregnant again.
One person who didn’t want to be identified or interviewed, said she came outside after the shots, and found the 19 year old Quintasia Tate, lying in the grass just outside the apartments.
Police say she was shot several times.
We talked with a woman who comes to take care of her grandmother there every week.

Angelina Soltez cares for her grandmother here two days a week. She’s been coming here for the last year, and says it’s always been quiet.

“It was peaceful, it was nice, it was – we had never had problems here with anybody. She never had problems with anybody. It’s unheard of, somebody being shot here,” said Angelina Soltez.

And now, after hearing of the shooting of Quintasia Tate last night, she’s understandably apprehensive.

“Oh, I got terrified, I got scared. My grandmother lives here. I’m in fear for her safety now,” said Ms. Soltez.

Other residents were upset by the shooting as well, but did not want to be interviewed. Meanwhile, Ms. Soltez is worried, but not just for her grandmother.

“I’m scared. Now, knowing that can happen here, I am a little bit scared now, for my grandmother and for me of course. I bring my kids here sometimes too, so I don’t know,” said Ms. Soltez.

Chattanooga Police say no arrest has been made in the shooting death yet.

The five shootings weren’t the only traumas this weekend.

A rash of wrecks also have strained our blood supply.

“We are at a critical point, we have a need for all blood types, and when you have several traumas in an area, in just a few days, and sometimes we think about the real things we hear on the news, but sometimes it’s just a car wreck, and somebody went through a hundred and fifty pints of blood by themselves, last week, in just a few hours, and so that can deplete one blood type very quickly,” said Jay Baumgardner, Community Relations manager with Blood Assurance.

If you want to be able to actually do something to help, Mr. Baumgardner asks that you come to Blood Assurance and donate. They are in need of all types, but in critical need of O-Positive, due to a trauma case at a local hospital this afternoon.