Red Bank organ donor saves lives


HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Red Bank man was able to save lives by being an organ donor.

“He was just the role model husband, role model father,” Marion Wagner said.

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Richard Wagner recently died after a skateboarding accident. His wife, Marion, says he was able to donate his heart, lungs and liver. He was also able to give tissue and bone marrow.

“It is helping so many others that may have died without him,” she said.

Marion is proud he was an organ donor.

“That is the only reason I can talk about anything right now is the organ donation,” she said.

Dr. Noah Jentzen, with Erlanger, says organ donation saves lives.

“It is important for the 113,000 people waiting, but it is more important for those 20 people who potentially are going to pass away. I think it is important here on earth while you are alive is to ensure life for someone who wouldn’t have it if it weren’t for you,” Dr. Jentzen said.

The hospital participates in the honor walk, where staff line the hallway to recognize the donor.

“As that patient comes out of the ICU they see all of the people lining the hallways and at that moment what I love is that everything stops. It takes a lot to get to that moment. The only thing that I am thinking about and the people are thinking about is the donor,” said Dawn Mazurek, the senior hospital services coordinator with Tennessee Donor Services.

Marion Wagner is curious about who her husband helped.

“There is a possibility that one day, my daughter Rosemarie might actually meet some of the people that her daddy helped save. So it has been a really good experience from a really bad experience,” she said.

If you are interested in becoming an organ donor, click here.