Vols Offensive Lineman Marcus Tatum “Just Tired of Losing”


The Vols offense suffered through a rough 2018 season, finishing 13th in the SEC in scoring at 22-points a game. The offensive line took a lot of heat for the team’s poor showing, and lineman Marcus Tatum is hoping to change that narrative this fall.

Said Tatum:”Just tired of losing. Really embarrassing to go out there. Everybody just blamed it on us. It usually is our fault most of the time. Just want to make a difference. Just don’t want to be that whole excuse why we are losing. Why this university is falling apart.”
Reporter:”Does the whole offensive line taken on that mentality do you think? Was the big motivation this off season to change that narrative?”
Tatum:”Everybody doesn’t say it, but they all feel it in the back of their head. It’s kind of like anger. Like a lot of the negativity around this school and the football team has been on us, so it’s time to change it.”