Dr. Johnson using his payraise for a new scholarship program


OOLTEWAH, Tennessee (WDEF) – Hamilton County Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson spoke with Ooltewah High Seniors this morning with some good news.

Dr. Johnson shared with the students that because there was a clause in his contract that tied future bonuses to district achievement, he had gotten a substantial raise.

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Because the district has received all 5’s in the recent unveiling of student academic growth, he wanted to thank the teachers and students for their hard work by creating a scholarship fund.

It is to be named in honor and memory of Dr. Johnson’s mother.

The superintendent was asked if the scholarship will be more merit based, or needs based?

“I think it will be a little bit of a mix of both, you know, and so we want to make sure that obviously it’s students that are committed to excellence, that’s important to us, it’s also important to us that it’s students that are about serving.”

The scholarship will be $15,000 annually, but details for how many individuals will benefit next year have not yet been worked out.

Dr. Johnson says he wants there to be multiple scholarships in each learning community.