Mocs Enjoy Coaching Fraternity


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV)  If a Mocs head coach needs help or advice, it’s not uncommon to see them turn towards their coaching counter-parts in other UTC sports.

Most of the Mocs coaches work on the same floor at McKenzie Arena, so it really feels like a coaching fraternity.
Said women’s basketball head coach Katie Burrows:”Just wandering in each other’s offices and have conversations. It’s a good environment.”
Said men’s tennis head coach Chuck Merzbacher:”Of all the places that I have been, this is one of the closest staffs and administrations that I have ever been around. It’s fun to be around everybody.”
Said men’s golf head coach Mark Guhne:”Yeah we do spend a lot of time together, which is great. It makes for a great atmosphere. Makes for a great culture, and we do pick each other’s brains. What little brains we’ve got left.”
Sometimes you can learn a lot from picking the brain of another coach.
Said head football coach Rusty Wright:”I talk to Coach (Frank) Reed in softball. I talk to Mark Guhne in golf. The mental aspect of it. How they do things. How you treat freshmen. It’s a wide range of things.”
Said Guhne:”We all have experiences in different areas. We do. We talk about that a lot. And how we are going to make our teams better. New ideas.”
Reporter:”Who is the most influential coach maybe outside of UTC and not basketball that you gather from. Maybe read up on.”
Said Burrows:”I don’t know if I can pick a coach outside of basketball. What if I say Rusty Wright. (chuckles) He’ll be like. She’s so full of it.” (laughter)
But coaches are full of advice, and the UTC staff is willing to share with their fellow coaches.
Said Burrows:”It’s a very difficult profession . I say all the time we are part time psychologists even though most of us don’t have degrees in that area. But we have to band together and help one another out. Kind of watching out for each other’s kids too. I feel like people have come to me in the past and said hey, so-and-so looks like they’re really struggling. I just noticed it. I just passed by. Just something like that. Making these kids our own for a temporary time.”