BBQ Bandit Makes Off With Much More Than Just Hash-Browns


The owners of a local restaurant are trying to “smoke-out” the petty thieves who have become a nuisance by breaking into their pit area twice.

The Purple Daisy Bar-B-Q restaurant in St. Elmo is apparently a popular target for early morning break-ins where they take whatever they can get their hands-on….even food. We spoke with a resident of that area who has also been a victim of the same bandits. We have pictures.

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The owners of The Purple Daisy restaurant on St. Elmo Avenue say they believe they know who has targeted their BBQ pit area. They have clear shots of them on their security camera.
The thieves stole hash-brown casserole, aluminum foil, and pretty much everything that wasn’t nailed down.

“The past two weeks someone has come and broken into our pit area, twice, and the first time, they stole some miscellaneous things such as like, charcoal, lighter fluid, a case of tomatoes, and we put locks on our gate, well this time they came, I believe it was Saturday night and they broke through that lock,” said Ashley Sumrall, at The Purple Daisy Cafe.

But, The Purple Daisy wasn’t the only place that was targeted. After they left the BBQ restaurant, they headed down the street to Jeremiah Moore’s house, where, he believes, the same person was captured on his Ring camera.

“Watched the video at about 7:30 and realized, there was a person walking around the house, looking in the windows and stuff, and then um, came out to go swimming later in the day and realized that the pool cleaner robot had been stolen,” said Jeremiah Moore.

Moore says a lot of other residents have had similar experiences. They think its the same culprits.

“Mr. Davis put a video of the lady and as soon as he posted that video, I said, well that’s the same lady in our video. And he had been hit at 3:30 in the morning, and we got hit at 5:30. And then several other neighbors have different videos, all the way up the side of the mountain there, and then down to the end of 55th street, of the same lady and the same van, just walking around the neighborhood,” said Moore.

But apparently, the St. Elmo Bandit is still not done.

“The same lady was seen three houses down at 6 o’clock yesterday evening, so they’re still walking around the neighborhood – I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re walking around right now. In St. Elmo it’s known, you need to lock your doors, usually if you leave your car door unlocked, it eventually will get rifled though.”