Essence of Health Wellness Clinic is a different kind of clinic


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A new Health and Wellness Clinic opened today on MLK Boulevard.

Essence of Health Wellness Clinic is using a direct primary care model for clinic memberships.

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The clinic had an open house today, with vegan food and door prizes.

They operate with monthly memberships and no co-pays.

Dr. Shayla Tooms-Withers says she will spend up to an hour with a patient.

She wants to teach them how to eat and cook healthy foods, and take better care of themselves so they don’t get sick.

“A lot of the things that we see as Americans, a lot of the things that we chronically suffer from – we have high rates of diabetes, high rates of hypertension, hyperlypidimia, high cholesterol, things that lead to heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, and those things are heavily lifestyle and diet based. ”

One of her rooms is set up to do nutrition classes with cooking demos.

She has recipes and will teach her members how eating a plant based diet can help make them healthier.