Dale Earnhardt Jr’s plane bounced at least twice in hard landing


ELIZABETHTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are offering more information on the plane crash yesterday involving Dale Earnhardt and his family.

An FAA preliminary report described the incident as a “hard landing.”

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The NTSB officials say the plane bounced at least twice during the landing.

They have recovered video of the landing from nearby businesses.

The jet left the runway, ending up on a highway, and then caught fire.

Fire officials say it went through a fence that wrapped around the plane.

But luckily, it didn’t block the escape of the five people on board.

There is a voice recorder on the plane that should help with the investigation.

Even though the plane burned entirely, crews are cutting it up to take back to NTSB headquarters for analysis.

You can read much more coverage of the crash at WJHL.