Chattanooga shuts down Budget Motel in Lookout Valley


LOOKOUT VALLEY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Families in Lookout Valley are searching for a new place to call home after a low budget motel is being condemned.

News 12s Kaylee Nix shows us why they are being forced to leave.

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Yesterday residents at the budget motel in Lookout Valley got notice the place was shutting down. Now they have to be out by tomorrow.

“There’s like 14 people here with no where to go with late notice and we’re just trying to get some help as far as what we’re going to do and where were going to go for housing.. we just didn’t get enough time.”

The city of Chattanooga delivered notice to tenants Wednesday after one resident called to report unsuitable conditions, but some say officials did not get the whole story.

“They just came in and did their inspection and stuff like that even though other people intervened and said ‘hey everything is fine’ but you know its just this one lady who is complaining because she is about to get kicked off.”

Owners of the property say they would work with the city to fix things if they had the time.

“The city officials are like we cant give an extension, we cant give this that.. we found there is electrical problems, and give us you know maybe time. like a month or two months kind of frame. If something is not working we can fix it. If you want us to do something new, we can do it. It’s not like here there is a meth problem or a drug problem or any kind of thing like that, that’s not the case that has happened. everybody is paying rent, everybody is working.”

The city of Chattanooga says they know the struggle of this situation and they are throwing all their efforts into helping these people find a place to go.

“Its difficult for people to remain local in places where they’re invested. that’s why my team works hard with a variety of landlords all across the city. We’re always looking for new partners and so I’d say if there are people in Lookout Valley that have units available that are willing to rent to people to contact my staff and help us locate these people as close to home as we can possibly make them.”

In Lookout Valley Kaylee NixNews12 now.