Soddy Daisy residents complain about neighbor setting off explosives


SODDY DAISY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Neighbors want to know if the Hamilton County Commission can do anything about explosions in Rolling Hills.

They say a neighbor is setting them off, but there is nothing the Sheriff’s Office can do about it.

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Mr. and Mrs. Steve Langly from the Soddy Daisy subdivision say the neighbor using large quantities of Tannerite.

They say it has caused extensive damage to their home.

Sheriff Jim Hammond says it’s a legal substance to use, though it has to be set off with a high powered rifle.

Chief Deputy Austin Garrett says 1 pound of the material can blow up a car.

Steve Langly told commissioners this morning “Depending on the explosion that it makes, depends on the poundage that is mixed.”

“And the poundage that’s being mixed in my neighborhood, and has been exploded in my neighborhood, has cracked the foundation of my home, it’s broken one of our windows, it’s knocked frames off of my walls, they fell straight down, hit the baseboards, and it’s damaging my home.”

County Attorney Reubin Taylor says it may be an issue that will need to be resolved through a civil action.

But the commission plans to check into what ordinances might be passed, if any, to provide some relief for property owners dealing with these frequent explosions.

Here is a YouTube video showing the power of Tannerite.