Dapper Dalton dog in top ten of major makeover contest


DALTON, Ga. (WDEF) – Griffin looked quite different around five years ago when he set paws into the Humane Society of Northwest Georgia.

“In particular his eyes were just a mess. They get scratched with that hair. He couldn’t even walk properly, because the matting was so tight on his legs,” Susan Dennard said.

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Covered in painful matted fur and in a condition one would presume he had been neglected.

Dennard, a longtime volunteer at the humane society, was there when he was brought in.

She said dogs in Griffin’s condition don’t come in too often.

“He was, needed to be sedated because they had to, it was such extensive grooming and shaving,” Dennard said.

However, Griffin came out looking like a new pooch.

“The before and after is very satisfying because you can see a dog that has not had the love and attention that he needs and they just flourish when they get taken care of,”Dennard said.

“It makes you happy that we are able to help you know our animals get adopted by good families that are willing and wanting to take care of them,” Humane Society of Northwest Georgia Executive Director Jonathan Shaltz said.

Griffin’s drastic do over is making waves.

The humane society submitted his pictures into a dirty dogs contest.

And, with a clean-up so on point, Griffin is a top 10 finalist.

First place in the contest gets $5,000.

It’s money that could go to help the shelter as they’re on the verge of moving into their new facility.

“Which will help to add another kennel to our facility. It would pay for a lot of dog food and there are a lot of needs that we’ll need at the new facility,” Shaltz said.

As for Griffin, he’s now in the loving hands of Dalton residents in a forever home.

Public votes will help him win the contest.

To vote head to Dirty Dogs 2019.