CPD officers and Elliotts Boots work together to help man in need


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga Police officers and employees at a Hixson shoe store work together to help a man in need.

Outside of Elliotts Boots of Hixson, Sergeant Jason Wood responded to a report of a suspicious person last Friday. After talking to him, he realized the man meant no harm.

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“The fellow was obviously homeless, had no shirt on, had on a pair of shorts and some shoes that were held together literally by a prayer at best. The fellow was nice, so I wanted to help him out any way I could,” Sergeant Wood said.

Sergeant Wood decided to go into Elliotts to buy the man a new pair of shoes.

“This was my opportunity to help someone in need and I guess to pay it forward,” Sergeant Wood said.

The man was fitted for these soft toe work shoes. Two employees paid for them and would not accept payment from Sergeant Wood. They also gave him water.

“I think it is amazing the fact that was the first thought that crossed their minds. We want to help this guy,” said Emilee Wisecup, with Elliotts Boots.

Managers say they are happy the store could lend a hand.

“I am really glad to say that we were able to participate in helping this man. It is just a random act of kindness,” Wisecup said.

“This was just one of those shining examples that shows what can happen when the community and law enforcement work together,” Sergeant Wood said.

Sergeant Wood says his fellow officers with the Chattanooga Police Department often go above and beyond to help others, but we just don’t know about it.

“Enough of these kinds of things don’t get put out there and this is something that happens every day,” Sergeant Wood said.

Another officer on the scene, Investigator Collins, bought the man pizza.