Hometown Tours North Georgia: Catoosa After The Tornadoes


RINGGOLD, Georgia (WDEF) – In 2011, a surveillance video captured one of the tornadoes from the “Super Outbreak” that happened in April of 2011.

Sandra Self told a reporter at the time she was in her home watching the weather with her shoes off when the tornado got close to her home.

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Shelf said, “The power blinked once. My husband said that’s not good and then we heard the wind. The wind sounds different when it’s building in intensity. He said that’s the tornado, run.”

The tornado ripped through homes and took 8 lives.

Places like Ringgold Middle and High School have rebuilt since the EF-4 tornado tore through the schools and caused so much damage.

Current Ringgold Mayor Nick Millwood says “For me personally, that was the catalyst that pushed me. I had been thinking about running for political office and that put me over the hump. Seeing how the community came together and worked together. It was just so inspiring.”

Since the tornado, Catoosa County Emergency Management has implemented emergency notification systems and are constantly making sure that their residents are prepared in a severe weather situation.

Steven Quinn who is the Director of Catoosa 911 and Emergency Management says, ” The biggest thing that came out that day was just the awareness that it can happen to us. Ya know growing up we were always told tornadoes don’t come over mountains or if one ever got in in this area it would never get out and we found out that was just a wives tale and it was wrong.”

Businesses and homes have been rebuilt.

But the people of Catoosa will never forget Aptil 27, 2011