Sheriff discusses the shootout that could have cost him two deputies


Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says he could have lost two deputies Sunday night after officers responded to a domestic call that ended in gunfire.

Taylor Bishop has our follow up.

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Walker County Deputy Thomas Agredano was released from the hospital this morning.

He was shot in the leg responding to a domestic call on Claire Street in Rossville.

“We believe that the round fired by the suspect may have ricocheted and that ricocheted slowed down the round that lessened the impact in his leg.”

Wilson says the suspect, Sherman Travis Thomas had previously went to the hospital that day for mental issues.

“The ambulance responded non-emergency and took him to Memorial Georgia Hospital for evaluation, and at some point he either walked away from the hospital or he was discharged from the hospital.”

We received viewer video from a nearby neighbor who woke up once she heard all the gunshots.

sot of viewer video

Wlison says after Deputy Agredano got shot he had to use quick thinking to save himself and his partner.

“Agredano was wounded and he was able to retreat back and still fire, and then you have the second deputy coming in behind him and trying to cover for him so he could get under cover; and the suspect also”

Thomas was using a forty caliber handgun to fire at the deputies.
Sheriff Wilson watched the surveillance video and says his officers are lucky to be alive.

“It made chill go up my spine, I mean I’m literally thinking I could have had two dead deputies out there and it scared me”

Both deputies have since been placed on administrative leave.

Sheriff Wilson also added that Thomas requested help earlier in the day for a mental health issue and was taken to the hospital.

But he checked himself out before the confrontation that night.