Hometown Tours North Georgia:Lula Lake


HINKLE, Georgia (WDEF)- Lula Lake Land Trust is a Walker County gem.

Lula Lake started off as a 1,200 acres purchased by Robert M. Davenport and has grown to 8,000 acres of beauty.

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The Land Trust has land that was a part of the Chicakmauga and Durham Railroad.

Since the 1980’s, Lula lake has been able to maintain the land on top of Lookout Mountain and the resources in the Rock Creek watershed.

Cody Roney who is the executive Director of Lula Lake says, “My favorite part about Lula Lake is the magic of Lula Lake. When you come here and you see this waterfall for the first time or the hundredth time, um it is just as special and it is just as awe inspiring every time.”

Matthew Hubbard who is in charge of Lula Lake’s Communications and Development says, “I’m sure you see behind me is our 120 ft waterfall Lula falls. Uh Its primarily the number one thing that people want to come come here and see. But what people don’t realize, we are more than just a waterfall.”

Lula Lake has just over 8 miles of walking trails, a lake, picnic areas, and mountain bike trails.

The Land Trust hosts events throughout the year to raise money for the property.

Matthew Hubbard also says, “We have a couple of events at Lula Lake each year, it’s our annual fund raisers. We have our hike, bike and brew festival and coming up next is our Timberoots Music Festival in celebration of our 25th anniversary.We’re having a huge stage brought in with lighting and sound it’s just going to be a huge production. We have two record artists from Nashville coming in to perform as well as a couple of local bands.”

Lula Lake is open the first and last weekends May to November and the first and last Saturday’s December to April.