“34-33” Battle Cry Fuels Notre Dame


Notre Dame felt they had a state title contender last year before disaster struck in the playoffs. Now the Irish are hoping to build off that ugly memory this season.

Shake down the thunder.
Notre Dame was beating Franklin Road Academy 30-6 in the quarterfinals last year.
Then boom. FRA won 34-33.
Said head coach Charles Fant:”34-33. We constantly talk about it. And it’s that fuel that’s energizing our kids this off season.”
Said lineman Jacob Brigman:”Oh it’s just giving us all the motivation in the world. We have a chip on our shoulder. Hey, we got knocked out when we shouldn’t have, and it’s our fault. We didn’t work as hard as we should have. Just gives us the extra edge.”
Reporter:”What has been that main message of 34-33?”
Said Fant:”It’s all about the details. So many little things. All the way from how we carry the football. I mean I have been just a stickler for how you carry the football. I don’t care who you are. Every lineman. Even lineman have to carry the football the right way.”
The Irish had five guys who could carry the football last year led by Cameron Wynn.
But only one of those backs returns this season in Jeffery Watkins.
Said Watkins:”I mean it’s a good feeling, but I feel like I can carry it by myself now that they are gone. I have no other choice, but I feel like it’s going to be good.”
And Watkins should find some running room.
Said Fant:”Our offensive line is unbelievable. That’s what it so special with us.”
Reporter:”What should crowds expect this offense? Is it going to look the same as last year or is it going to be a little different?”
Said quarterback Dallas Brown:”I think it will be even better this year. Since we are going to have even more people getting the ball, and we are going to be throwing it even more this year than we did last year.”
Reporter:”If you could describe your team this year in one word, what would it be and why?”
Said Fant:”Physical. No doubt. These kids are so physical. Everything that they do is physical.”