Who Me?… Vols Jauan Jennings on Talking Trash


The receiving corps should be a big strength for Tennessee this fall.
They return four seniors, including Jauan Jennings.
Jennings is never one to back down from a challenge.
Thursday he tried to dispel his reputation for talking smack, although I’m not sure the media members were buying it.

Reporter:”When guys talk to you on the other side of the ball. Does that juice you up or fire you up?”
Jennings:”What kind of talk. What kind of talk?”
Reporter:”Like trash talk.”
Jennings:”I don’t know. there’s going to be some trash talking, but that’s what players do. I love it. Personally I love it.”
Reporter:”Are you most likely to start the trash talking?”
Jennings:”No sir. (laughter) I don’t trash talk at all.” (laughter)
Reporter:”So you’re saying nobody is on your level in terms of trash talking?”
Jennings:”Like I said. I don’t trash talk.” (laughter) “What is trash talking?”
Reporter:”Do you consider yourself the alpha male of the receivers?”
Jennings:”I’m the alpha male anywhere I go.” (laughter)