Red Flag Laws


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- After two mass shootings last weekend, people are starting to wonder how can we stop this from happening?

Tom Rowark who lives in Chattanooga says, “This one feels find of different. Uh we’ve had this going on ever since President Obama was in. We tried to do something back then and it went no where.So, I’m really hoping that congress will finally step up and state legislation will step up and do something about gun control.”

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After Sunday’s mass shooting in Ohio, President Trump called for states to enact Red Flag Laws.

Red Flag Laws are state laws that would let an authorized court issue a protection order.

The order would allow law enforcement to confiscate firearms from people who are reported to be a danger to others or themselves.

17 states currently have these laws.

On Tuesday, Governor Lee told a group of reporters that it is “too early” to talk about the direction the state will go in.

But, Governor Lee signed a House Bill in April of this year says, that it is an offense to transfer a firearm to a person knowing that he/she has been committed to a mental institution or is receiving in-patient treatment.

Jerry Summers from Summers Law Firm says, “The idea is the same I think on both Red flag law and this is to try to take these guns out of the hands of people that may have mental problems which appears more susceptible to do these horrible offenses that we’ve heard about in the news these last few days.”

The Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party says that Red Flag Laws will be good but more needs to be done.

Khristy Wilkinson who is the Chair of the Hamilton Democratic Party says, ” I think that it is one small piece to a bigger puzzle. There are sort of a lot of things that have to also be in place like universal background checks that prevent people from getting guns who shouldn’t have them in the first place.”

Florida is the only state in the south that currently has Red Flag Laws.

Connecticut has had this law in place since 1999 yet Sandy Hook still occurred in 2012.

Published reports indicate States with red flag law have seen a decline in suicide by firearm.