Hometown Tours North Georgia: Dalton Utilities


DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – For years Dalton Utilities has been working to maximize their customers experience.

They aren’t your average utility company. They have tackled the internet and cable business as well.

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Dalton Utilities GigLink is one of the fastest internet services in the United States.

Hank Blackwood who is the Chief Technical Services Officer for Dalton Utilities says, “Now, we’ve just launched our ten gig Giglink product. You get a 10 gigabit connection to the house and we’ll be one of the handful in the country to have done that.”

Dalton Utilities also offers VidLink which allows customers to view their favorite shows on any device.

VidLink can be run on many devices like Amazon Fire and Apple TV.

Don Johnson who is the Director Of Communication and Technology for Dalton Utilities says, “You get the ability to restart programs from the middle and from the end. You get the ability to look back up to 72 hours on most every program, on most every station and watch something if you come home at 3 o’clock and something was on yesterday, you can go back and just watch the same program. You get the ability to use cloud DVR where there is no more set top boxes where they break and you lose your DVR recordings because now, they are stored in the cloud.”

Dalton Utilities not only offers water, natural gas and electrical, but they are a company looking to help the community grow.