Hometown Tours North Georgia: Dalton Distillery


DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- For the last 100 years, the Butler family has been perfecting the craft of distilling.

76 year old Charles Butler has been distilling moonshine and whiskey for as long as he can remember.

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Charles says, “Oh, It’s great to be not looking over your shoulder. We Enjoy it here and we meet some of the best people that you’ll ever meet right here in this little place.”

The Dalton Distillery has been open for almost four years.

It is home to the only sunflower crafted spirit in the world, Taza Ray.

The sunflower spirits are gluten free and being sampled all over the world.

At the Dalton distillery they even bottle their own vodka.

Charles’ son Chuck Butler says, “Everything that we use is all locally sourced. So we are members of Georgia Grown and that is something that we are very excited about and proud of. So, we purchase from one vendor that orders stuff from corn growers in Georgia, wheat and sunflower seed growers.”

Inside the distillery is one of the first stills that Charles used and barrels that contain aging vodka.

The Butler family started off using an original corn whiskey recipe and now their vodka recipe is making strides as well.

Chuck also says, “We distill it 6 times to where it is tasteless and odorless and that is why our flavors are so good. Because whenever we make a flavor, it really stands out and holds on to whatever flavor profile we are trying to achieve. But our brand is responsibly because we always want people to drink responsibly.”

There are three generations of Butlers working together to keep the family tradition going.