Jim Chaney Excited to be Calling Plays Again For Tennessee


Jim Chaney is back on Rocky Top for his second go-round as Tennessee’s offensive coordinator. Last year at Georgia, Chaney directed the second highest scoring offense in the SEC. Now the veteran coach takes over a Tennessee team that was next to last in scoring in the SEC a year ago.

Reporter:”Coach Pruitt said it seems like you get better every year. How much pride do you take in that, and do you think the best is still ahead of you?”
Said Chaney:”My wife would disagree with that. (laughter) I don’t know that. I have no idea. I feel like I get more excited as the years go on. I have no idea why. I think I enjoy the relationships with the players the older I get.”
Reporter:”But your offense. You’ve done pretty much everything you need to do except maybe running the option or something.”
Said Chaney:”No I tried that at Fullerton and got fired. (laughter) Yes I’ve tried that also.”
Reporter:”What are you going to emphasize with Jarrett (Guarantano)”
Said Chaney:”Playing clean football. Distributing it around to our play-makers. Not letting him think that everything rides on his shoulders. It’s hard to hide if you are deficient in the offensive line. It’s difficult to do. I think it’s virtually impossible at times. My interpretation and anticipation is the kids are going to go out there and compete, and we are going to be just fine. They’ll get better as the season goes on and continue to develop and hopefully everything will go our way. I think that’s one of our goals going into training camp is just to see what we can establish in the run game. See which direction we need to go to make sure we can be productive. Philosophical change from Purdue through the NFL years to here is you have to be able to do a little bit of everything to be successful. You can’t be one dimensional. But still I hang my hat on if you are the most physical team when you walk on the field, you’ve got a chance, and we will continue to try to do that.”