Hometown Tours North Georgia Preview


We invite you to join us on a two week journey through North Georgia as we cover places that are right at your fingertips. Showcasing your town and places you call home.

This week, we will be diving into Whitfield County. We will see how Dalton is expanding outside the carpet and flooring industry.

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Carl Campbell, Dalton Chamber VP of Economic Development, “Ya know, floor covering and carpet industry in general is kind of the back bone of who we are and what we been. But, we also want to do other things that compliment those industries as well.”

Dalton Utilities is now offering their customers cutting edge technology. We will take a look at all of the savvy OptiLink Products that are now available.

Don Johnson, Director of Communications, Dalton Utilities, “Not only are we looking to help the community grow, we are looking to help the people inside our walls grow.”

We will also find out more on the most interesting man in Dalton, GA and how his sunflower vodka is now worldwide.

We can’t forget about the beauty that Whitfield County has to offer as we take a close look at on of Dalton’s newest parks.

Those stories and more on “Hometown Tours North Georgia”, on News 12 Now at 7 and 11.