New Boyd Buchanan Coach Jeremy Bosken Looking to Rebuild the Bucs


Last season Boyd Buchanan went 0-10 scoring just 52 total points on the year.
Now new head coach Jeremy Bosken hopes to rebuild the proud program.

Reporter:”Last year. Do you think about that at all anymore.”
Said lineman Hamilton Chadwell:”Honestly I try to forget about it. (chuckles) That was a rough time.” (chuckles)
But it doesn’t feet rough for new head coach Jeremy Bosken.
Said Bosken:”I’m loving every single day of it so far.”
Reporter:”What has Jeremy Bosken brought to Boyd Buchanan in your opinion?”
Said lineman Joey Lockmiller:”I think he has brought like a lot of hype and a lot of like effort into the team.”
Said Chadwell:”He has brought like a new mentality this year. This is the hardest working summer I think anyone has had in awhile here.
We’ve just been working hard. He has really changed the tone of the program this year.”
Said receiver Eli Evans:”He’s trying to get our confidence back up. He’s trying to let us know that we are not the same team that we were last year. We can be something special this year. That’s what he’s trying to tell us.”
Said Bosken:”We try to preach to our kids that whenever we cross that white line they can be anybody they want to be. We’re not worried about who’s on the other side. We are going to do our job. We are going to take care of our brother.”
And try to take care of business like the Bucs of old.
Boyd has missed the playoff only 3 times since ’96, and they’ve appeared in four state title games.
Said Bosken:”The tradition is something that we are doing our best to embrace and build back. From the alumni we’ve met. The pride they take in this place. The stories I’ve heard about what Friday nights are like here.”
Like dinosaurs running on the field, although coach wouldn’t mind turning Boyd field into a jurrassic park for opponents.
Said Bosken:”Defensively. We try to keep it super simple. I think we played like two coverages here tonight. And offensively we’ve got five guys who can touch the ball. Six guys if you count the quarterback. We try to spread the ball around to everybody.”