Halloween date change petition gets more than 80,000 signatures


Halloween date change petition gains momentum

All Hallow’s Eve might not be so “eve” anymore. A petition to move Halloween to the last Saturday in October has gathered more than 80,000 signatures as of Friday afternoon.

The petition, started by the nonprofit Halloween & Costume Association, claims that moving the holiday to the last Saturday in October would create a “safer, longer, stress-free celebration.” It’s addressed to President Trump.

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The petition notes it would be easier for kids and parents who are trick-or-treating if festivities were held during a non-school or workday.

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But changing the date of Halloween may not be so easy. Since the “holiday” is not a federal holiday, Mr. Trump or other federal officials couldn’t change the date.

“All Hallow’s Eve,” which incorporates Celtic traditions as part of a celebration ahead of All Saints Day, was established on November 1 by Pope Gregory III in the 8th century.

The Halloween & Costume Association says on its website that its aim is to “promote and build the celebration of Halloween in the United States. HCA represents businesses involved in the manufacture, importation or distribution of Halloween products including costumes, decor, novelty items and party supplies.”