Grace Academy Plans to Lean on Their Linemen


Last year was a banner season for Grace.
They tied the record for the most wins in school history at seven.
They won their first ever playoff game.
And they made history against a long time rival.
Said receiver Tillman Smith:”We played Boyd. We had not beaten them in school history. We came out. We beat’em pretty bad, so it really boosted us.”
Said head coach Bob Ateca:”We got to the quarterfinals, and we lost to the state champion in the quarters. We felt really good about ourselves. So hopefully that will breathe into our kids that we want to be there again next year.”
To repeat last year’s effort, a lot of new guys will need to step up.
Said Ateca:”You know we only have three returning starters on both sides of the ball. It’s going to be a tough year with developing younger players, but I think they have the ability to do that.”
Said running back Justin Carter:”It’s kind of nerve racking because everybody thinks we are not going to be as good. Less players. Less people. We know we’ve got some big shoes to fill, so we are just going to go out there and compete and see what happens.”
The Golden Eagles may lack some numbers, but it appears they’ll won’t lack size.
Said Ateca:”Funny thing is that right now we have more linemen than we’ve ever had. It used to be that we had all the skill and no linemen.”
Reporter:”Do you kind of get a sense that there are a lot of big guys on this team?”
Said lineman Austin Starr:”I wouldn’t say big. I would say like talented. Movable. Powerful. More power than size.”
Said Smith:”We have a lot of linemen this year. Lot of them were freshmen last year. They’ve really worked hard in the off-season. A lot of them got a lot bigger. They are already getting stronger, so we’ll be pretty good up-front this year.”