Breaking down Chattanooga area’s shooting spree this summer


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) If you thought there have been a lot of shootings in our area this summer, you’re right.

The latest was a woman shot while driving on Roanoke Avenue Thursday evening, but that probably won’t hold the title for long.

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Taylor Bishop takes a look at our shootings in June and July.

With a total number of sixteen shootings in June here on the map we marked each location.

What we found was most of the shootings took place in the early morning or later in the evening and most were spread out throughout the city.

Shootings like the one outside Riverbend and house shooting on E 49th street were done by juveniles.

“You can’t go outside nowadays because of this crap, it’s childish and stupid you got a problem with somebody why shoot them. What happened to the times when you fought it out and got over it and become friends later. I don’t understand this crap it’s just very scary and uncalled for”

Currently in July we have had at least seven shootings.

In the last twenty-four hours two shootings have transpired in Chattanooga.

One, Thursday afternoon at Gillespie Road where a man was shot in his car and the other later that evening at Roanoke Avenue.

When we reached out the the Chattanooga Police Department if the number of shootings was concerning, they had no comment.