Volkswagen Chattanooga gets new CEO, leaders


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Volkswagen Chattanooga facility is gearing up for an exciting future.

And, they’ll be doing it with newly announced CEO Tom du Plessis.

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“I’m honored to be here,” du Plessis said in a press conference on Thursday.

Du Plessis has worked leadership roles within the Volkswagen Group before.

He has previously been the Head of Production at what was known as Shanghai Volkswagen and a plant in South Africa.

He’ll transition in the spot that former CEO Frank Fischer has been holding for a few months.

“Due to the two launches coming up what we focus on was that we had to make a transition as soon as possible, because a new CEO has to be in charge,” Fischer said.

The plant has big plans moving forward.

They are working to add electric vehicles and launch two vehicles.

“I believe that with the necessary team work, necessary respect and fighting for the plant I think we can be successful,” du Plessis said.

Du Plessis gets here after workers voted to not form a union.

When asked about the union vote he didn’t comment, but listed things important to him as teamwork, respect, continuous improvement and training.

“I know that Frank Fischer is awesome and I have worked under him for 9 years now. So I’m 100 percent confident he picked someone who is going to be good,” VW Lab Analysis Specialist Ellen Collins said.

“I’m excited about our future here at Volkswagen,” VW Customs Specialist Kirstin Nordlund said.

Volkswagen also announced two other leadership positions Thursday.

Burkhard Ulrich was announced as the new Sr. VP of HR and Brent Hinson was announced as the new Sr. VP of Finance and IT.