‘So What Now What’ as Bama Moves on From National Title Game Loss


SEC kingpin Alabama held court at SEC media days on Wednesday.
The Tide captured yet another SEC title last year, but they suffered plenty of disappointment in the national title game.

Not even off-season hip surgery has’t slowed down Nick Saban heading into his 13th season at Alabama.
Said Saban:”I actually have to produce a doctor’s excuse not to hit out of a sand trap. The guys that I play against. I’ve really been trying to make a good game on the first tee. I don’t want to say I’m really 100 percent, but I really am.”
that means his players will get Saban on full throttle this fall.
Said quarterback Tua Tagovailoa:”Coach Saban is someone who is really hard on you. Not too many people like that you know, but I think you need someone like that in pretty much every organization to set the standard straight. Set everyone straight. Get everything the way it needs to be.”
Said Saban:”That’s really the number one thing that I’d like leave my legacy some day is that there’s a whole bunch of players out there that feel like something that we did helped them have a better chance to be successful in life.”
Alabama was not successful in their last game, losing 44-16 in the national title game to Clemson.
Said Saban:”We didn’t do the things that we feel are very important to the program very well toward the end of the season last year.”
Said receiver Jerry Jeudy:”Like Coach Saban always says. So what. Now what. So what. We lost last year. Now what. Now what are we going to do about it and prove our game this year to not finish off our season like how we did last year.”
Said Saban:”You have to be able to live with success. You have to understand that success is not a continuum. It’s momentary. If you don’t continue to do the same things that you’ve always done, you’re not going to be successful.”