Grundy County Sheriff warns of ‘prop,’ fake money


GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – 39-year-old Altamont man Whitney Dunwoody is accused trying to use fake money at a business in Grundy County.

Authorities arrested him Wednesday morning.

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“We’ve had some sharp business owners that have been able to detect that and in this case, this morning, didn’t sell the merchandise and held onto the bill and the guy left,” Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum said.

Sheriff Shrum said that over the past month they’ve seen at least 7 fake $100 bills.

The not real money they believe is “prop” money ordered from a website online.

“It looks real. It’s what they use in movies and somebody got the idea that they wanted to start passing this off, and unfortunately, there was a couple times where it didn’t get detected,” Shrum said.

The sheriff warns that more fake money might be out there.

He said businesses should be marking money to make sure they’re real.

“Make sure that it doesn’t have any kind of Chinese writing on it. Make sure that it has that security strip and then some money just plainly says not legal tender and movie props only. We’ve seen some of that, but they just want to examine it real quick,” Shrum said.

Sheriff Shrum said they’re working with two businesses in the north end of the county that have come across the money.

And, investigators believe Dunwoody isn’t the only person trying to pass the fake bills.

More arrests could come.

Dunwoody faces criminal simulation charges.

Sheriff Shrum said they have met with the Secret Service as the case might be prosecuted at the Federal level.