Florida and LSU Must Each Clear a Bitter Rival to Compete For SEC Title


LSU and Florida opened SEC Media Days on Monday in Hoover, Alabama.
For both teams to win the league title, they’ll have to get past a big rival.
The Gators have lost their last two games to Georgia by a combined score of 78-24, while LSU has lost eight straight to Alabama.

Reporter:”Would you like to de-emphasize the Alabama game and not have it be the end all that a lot of fans made it be on your schedule?”
Said LSU head coach Ed Orgeron:”Uh. Not at all. I think that it’s a great tradition. It’s the benchmark. But obviously it’s an elite football team. It’s an elite rivalry. I love the emphasis.”
Reporter:”What do you and the Florida Gator offense need to do to take the next step to top Georgia and make it to the SEC title game this year?”
Said Florida running back Lamical Perine:”Hey I ain’t going to lie. I done got that question about 10 or 15 times today. And I feel like honestly man we just keep playing our game, and never get too compulsive really. Just come out and just make sure we don’t make no mistakes, and I feel like we have a chance to beat them.”
Reporter:”Can LSU compete against Alabama this year. What did you learn? Was it last November? Did you see how far you guys have to come in terms of scoring points and competing against those guys?”
Said LSU quarterback Joe Burrow:”Obviously last year was not very fun playing Alabama because they kicked our butts. I think if you go into a year saying we are going to focus on this team. We are going to beat this team. You kind of handcuff yourself in every other game.”
Reporter:”Having played for the Gators. What would it be like having to move that (Georgia) game? There’s a lot of that being discussed as well.”
Said Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks:”As far as moving the game. I don’t know. At the end of the day, we are going to play Georgia and whoever it may be. We are going to go out there and be prepared to play. I think that’s how I kind of look at it.”