Bradley County Commission votes to raise taxes

Bradley County
Bradley County

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – A tax increase passed a vote on Monday at the Bradley County Commission.

The vote was 9-5.

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This is the first increase in the property tax rate in 18 years.

Supporters say they tax hike pays for salary hikes for fire, police and EMS workers, along with physical improvements.

The pay for corrections officers has been a specific issue in the county and blamed for under-staffing at the jail.

County Mayor Gary Davis proposed a budget without a tax increase, but the commission added more money to it.

He says Fire and Police officers would have gotten a salary bump without the tax hike under his proposal.

The tax hike hits all county residents who own property.

But they also raised fire taxes for residents in tw fire districts in the county.

The tax hike begins on July 1st.