Chattanooga’s Amazon Fulfillment Center getting ready for Prime Day


CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Amazon Prime Day is less than a week away.

So our Taylor Bishop paid a visit to the local Fulfillment Center to see how preparations for the big day are going.

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Equivalent to more than twenty-eight football fields holds Chattanooga’s Amazon Fulfillment Center.

“What makes this building so special is all of the great employees who we have working here”

Inside more than one thousand employees pick, pack and ship orders all around the world.

“Here at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, this is SLAM it stands for scan, label, apply and manifest. Your package is scanned and ready to be delivered to you in just a matter of seconds”

Leticia Mendoza has been working with Amazon for over seven years.

“Our benefits are awesome you know, I’ve never had benefits like this before ever”

With Prime Day approaching Mendoza says this is when the building comes to life.

“It’s our Christmas in July it’s awesome, anticipating it is like oh no but then after it’s done it’s like awesome”

This year Prime Day will start on July fifteenth and run for forty-eight hours.

“It’s not only an exciting time for our customers, but it’s really an exciting time for us as well and were looking forward to delivering packages to customers all around the world”

Reporting in Chattanooga , Taylor Bishop News 12 Now