Local skydiver describes bird strike on Chattanooga American Flight

Photo by Justin Silvia

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – As a frightening video circulates on social media of an engine malfunction that caused a Delta flight to make an emergency landing in North Carolina, a local flyer has his own tale to tell.

ChattanoogaChattanooga Skydiving Company owner Justin Silvia describes what he saw from the window of an American Airlines flight out of Chattanooga.

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He was flying to Dallas Wednesday afternoon when he saw a bird flash by his window and hit the engine with a thud.

Silvia says he could hear a change in the engine’s tone afterward.

“I realized my parachute would be of no use, as I checked it and it was stowed in the baggage compartment!”

Silvia took a photo of the jet’s engine after impact and shared it with the flight crew.

But the pilot decided to continue with the flight.

However, they still got diverted to Oklahoma City due to weather and low fuel.

Silvia learned that mechanics have now grounded the plane.