Two Elderly Sisters Saved By Their Neighbor


DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- A fire in Dalton early this morning consumed a house where two elderly sisters lived.

Sisters Faye and Carolyn Wooten have lived together for eleven years.

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Early Monday morning that all changed.

Mysteriously, their carport caught on fire while the two were sleeping and the flames quickly engulfed the house.

Their neighbor Abraham Sanchez Lopez saw the flames and jumped into action.

Sanchez Lopez says, “When I knocked on the door, nobody answered me.I knocked on the glass door nobody answered me. So I said no I can’t wait for that and I started breaking the window so that noise, noise maybe would wake up her. I said no no it’s a fire it’s a fire let’s get out of here. So that’s why she wake up, maybe because she hear my window broke.”

Sanchez Lopez broke the sisters window with a table to alert them grabbed Carolyn who is in a wheelchair and carried her to safety.

He then went back into the home for Faye and made another trip for Carolyn’s cat but unfortunately, the cat did not make it.

Faye and Carolyn’s niece, Anita Dockery, lives next door and says “(Thank you) Abraham for saving my two Aunts lives. Because without him noticing the fire when he did. He just happened to hear his dog bark and look outside and see the flames.”

Faye and Carolyn always see and speak to Abraham but they never knew his name.

Today they shook his hand and told him thank you for saving our lives.

Dockery says, “He’s a blessing ,blessing. I just thank God that they both are alright.”

The fire is still being investigated but foul play is not suspected.