Flood Forces Major Renovations at Mocs Scrappy Moore Field


Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) When the Mocs kick off fall practice in roughly thirty days, they’ll enjoy a revamped practice area. Scrappy Moore Field was under water last spring due to heavy rains.
As a result, the long time gridiron facility is getting a face lift.

Scrappy Moore Field was designed for football practice, not surf and turf.
Said UTC athletic director Mark Wharton:”On a Sunday morning, I got a picture text to me that showed from up on the bridge that it was under water. From sleds to all the pads to everything that we had was floating in the corner of the river.”
When the project is completed, it will be 120 yards of artificial turf.
Said Wharton:”Before it was a 60-yard turf field, and we had a grass field, which was basically an 80-yard grass field. Sometimes the grass wasn’t in great shape after camp. It’s great that we have that full football field. We can work on long plays and have end zones. We are going to do some branding to it, so it’s going to really be first class. The field is raised 16 more inches, so if there is another natural disaster, we can hopefully avoid that and keep the water low. The drainage. They fixed all the drainage and sprinklers, so again we are as good as new.”
In a small way, the flood has been kind of a blessing.
Said Wharton:”We were in the midst of the master plan about deciding what we were going to do. We knew that we wanted something at Scrappy, whether it was the same configuration or what have you. This really helped us make the decisions. We got a full turf for half the price basically. Our ban can use it. Our intramurals can use it. It’s ideal for long term the multi-use of that facility.”