Public Safety Camp Inspires Kids.


CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Kids from Avondale, Carver, Shepherd and Eastdale Youth and Family Development Centers answered calls and helped out at a staged car wreck.

The children have been attending Public Safety Camp for the last two weeks and this was the highlight of the program.

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This experience is designed to open the minds of inner city youth.

Terri Roshell who is a Captain at a Chattanooga Fire Station says, “We are just trying to give children a different view of first responders. Because a lot times they really only see us when they dial 9-1-1 or something bad happens.”

Throughout the two weeks, campers learned CPR, how to answer emergency calls and many other emergency management tips.

Roshell also says, “We focus on citizenship and just being a part of the community. We bring in public works, councilmen people will come and talk to them and just give them a sense of belonging in their own city.”

YFD and city officials hope that this camp sparks an interest in emergency management.

Chattanooga  Fire Chief Phillip Hymen says, “This is an excellent way to put some hands on, to do some actual skills first responders do and kind of see how the process works. It really kind of ignites their imagination a little bit. But more importantly, we want, we hope that this will be the seed planted that we could have a career firefighter come out of this group at some point.”

And the program has inspired young Keyocia Green to do just that.

Green says, “When I grow up, I would like to be a firefighter.”

There is a camp for middle and high school students in July and applications are still available.